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On the 26th of April 1986 the world's largest nuclear power disaster occurred, this date marked the end of the world as we knew it. The initial blast only wiped out 3 cities, which at the time seemed devastating, but little did we know those deaths would become insignificant.

In the days that followed, a chain of events led to the total destruction of the eastern hemisphere. As nuclear fallout spread across the planet and riots broke out, a corporation was formed on the other side of the world, this would soon become known as the "Peace Corporation" this corporation made the decision to close of their side of the planet using a state of the art radiation shield, they were the ones to deny us refuge in their safe haven, they left us to die.

Of the people left behind almost 90% turned in the first month. The number of survivors diminishes by the day and we find ourselves having to move locations regularly. We only have one unifying thought... Our hatred of the "Peace Corporation".

Now its all about survival...

Published May 08, 2016
AuthorAeroLab Studios
GenreShooter, Survival

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